Can Carbassa Weather Station


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Boadella Reservoir
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Time and Date
  Time Date
UTC 13:13 31/10/14
Weather Station 14:12 31/10/14
Weather Station Forecast
Increasing clouds and warmer. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours
Current Conditions
Todays data
Temperature 19.1C Heat Index 19.4C Dew Point 14.2C
Rainfall today 0.0 mm Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr Humidity 73%
Pressure 1025.2 hPa Pressure Trend Falling Slowly Indoor Temperature 18.3C
Wind E at 8.0 Wind Chill 19.1C Indoor Humidity 80%
Feels Like 19.4C EMC 14.0% Air Density 1.2035kg/cu.m
Daily Highs and Lows
Temperature 19.2C at 13:18 Heat Index/Wind Chill 19.4C Dew Point 15.0C
13.0C at 7:00 12.8C 10.6C
Pressure 1026.8 hPa Rain Rate (mm/h) 0.0 mm/hr Humidity 94%
1025.0 hPa 72%
Wind 19.3 km/hr Indoor Humidity 80% Indoor Temperature 18.8C at  0:00
80% 18.2C at 11:28
Monthly Highs and Lows
Temperature 28.3C Heat Index/Wind Chill 28.9C Dew Point 20.0C
11.2C 10.0C -3.3C
Pressure 1027.0 hPa Rain Rate (mm/h)/Rain 21.0 mm/hr Humidity 98%
1007.3 hPa 14.6 mm 24%
Wind 37.0 km/hr Indoor Humidity 83% Indoor Temperature 22.7C
52% 18.2C
Yearly Highs and Lows
Temperature 33.9C Heat Index/Wind Chill 35.6C Dew Point 23.9C
2.1C 1.1C -8.3C
Pressure 1030.3 hPa Rain Rate (mm/h)/Rain 274.2mm/hr Humidity 100%
987.9 hPa 657.6mm 15%
Wind 62.8 km/hr Indoor Humidity 83% Indoor Temperature 28.9C
37% 12.5C
This Month/Average
Temperature   Humidity   Rain 14.6 mm
10.1C 75% 85.2 mm
This Year/Average
Temperature   Humidity   Rain 657.6 mm
14.2C   902.7 mm