Can Carbassa Weather Station


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Sun & Moon
Boadella Reservoir
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Time and Date
  Time Date
UTC 16:02 06/10/15
Weather Station 18:01 06/10/15
Weather Station Forecast
Partly cloudy and cooler.
Current Conditions
Todays data
Temperature 19.3C Heat Index 19.9C Dew Point 16.7C
Rainfall today 2.6 mm Rain Rate 22.4 mm/hr Humidity 85%
Pressure 1011.2 hPa Pressure Trend Rising Slowly Indoor Temperature 22.6C
Wind NW at 6.4 Wind Chill 19.3C Indoor Humidity 67%
Feels Like 19.9C EMC 18.1% Air Density 1.1826kg/cu.m
Daily Highs and Lows
Temperature 27.2C at 15:02 Heat Index/Wind Chill 27.8C Dew Point 18.3C
15.3C at 7:58 15.6C 14.4C
Pressure 1011.9 hPa Rain Rate (mm/h) 37.8 mm/hr Humidity 97%
1008.0 hPa 53%
Wind 19.3 km/hr Indoor Humidity 67% Indoor Temperature 22.6C at 17:47
67% 21.9C at  9:00
Monthly Highs and Lows
Temperature 29.5C Heat Index/Wind Chill 30.0C Dew Point 20.6C
11.3C 11.1C 8.9C
Pressure 1022.6 hPa Rain Rate (mm/h)/Rain 134.0 mm/hr Humidity 99%
1008.0 hPa 10.8 mm 43%
Wind 32.2 km/hr Indoor Humidity 78% Indoor Temperature 24.1C
61% 18.6C
Yearly Highs and Lows
Temperature 40.9C Heat Index/Wind Chill 42.8C Dew Point 25.0C
-0.7C -2.2C -15.6C
Pressure 1041.2 hPa Rain Rate (mm/h)/Rain 174.6mm/hr Humidity 100%
986.3 hPa 566.2mm 14%
Wind 62.8 km/hr Indoor Humidity 84% Indoor Temperature 32.4C
42% 8.6C
This Month/Average
Temperature   Humidity   Rain 10.8 mm
10.1C 75% 85.2 mm
This Year/Average
Temperature   Humidity   Rain 566.2 mm
14.2C   902.7 mm